Professional Services
Cloud - On Demand

KW Datacentre Provides professional services to meet the needs of any size organization. Through outsourcing of our top-tier IT professionals you can now scale your business to greater heights leaving the complicated IT environment to us.

We provide Cloud based, On-Demand, Subscription based Remote Infrastructure services catering towards Small and Mid sized business organizations.

We are one of the few organizations who offer services with flexibility while supporting your business based demands for IT services.

On Demand Price Feature

We offer a cloud pricing model that allows you to pay per minute for our services and not waste money. For more details please contact us.


OS Instance Management & Support

Service includes Server OS Management for Windows , Linux operating systems with OS Monitoring , Patching & Hardening , Issue resolution , System Health Review , System Performance improvements and Escalation of HW related issues to On site personnel

Backup & Recovery Management

Service includes Backup of Operating Systems based on the Backup Schedule , Restoration support based on requests , Backup Server Management , Trouble shooting & Resolution of Infrastructure related backup failures and Escalation of HW related issues to On site personnel

Storage Management

Service include Provisioning and De Provisioning of storage based on requests , Monitoring of Storage Arrays &, SAN switches , Performance Management , Monthly capacity related analysis reports and Escalation of HW related failures back to the On site personnel

Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery (DR)Portfolio consists of..

:: Disaster Recovery assessment to evaluate and propose a DR solution catered to your Business requirements (RTOs, RPOs).

:: Provide DR environments from our 2 Cloud Datacenters in KW , Toronto.

:: Offer DR professional services in case of a DR Exercise, DR declaration using our remote On Demand resources .

Database Administration

Services include Monitoring Database availability & Performance management , Monitoring & Resolution of error logs , Monitoring of available space , Management of DB batch jobs , Management of database connectors , Creation , deletion , change of DB users , privileges and Resolution of issues from incidents

Email Account Support

Service Includes Creation , deletion , Change of User accounts , Incident Management , Security log verification , Monitoring & Performance management of Exchange server , and Escalation of hardware related issues to Onsite personnel

Customer Quotes

This is by far the best service I have ever seen from a server hosting provider. Their virtual servers are no different than the dedicated server I moved from and they managed to import my dedicated server.. like magic! Thanks guys for the excellent service… Mark Rightson
I got my first VMware server from KW Datacentre and I have to say I was very impressed. I realize I was wasting money on my dedicated server as these virtuals seem to perform extremely well. Also I really didn't expect to have the server up and running in 3 minutes which was great… Bill Meyer
Our business requires specialized requirements which constantly changes, KW Datacentre constantly meets our requirements and always exceeds our expectations… Donna Matane