Datacenter Services

KW Datacentre provides robust datacenter co-location services designed to scale as your business grows. We provide state of the art infrastructure with a 100% redundant design to maximize reliability for your mission critical business needs.

On Demand Price Feature

We offer a cloud pricing model that allows you to pay per minute for our services and not waste money. For more details please contact us.


Rack Space | CoLocation

Rack space starts from 1U to multiple racks. Internet connectivity is offered by the MB and has no metering for datausage. Unescorted unlimited access is available to those that require it.

Managed Servers

We can offer a technical management package to meet your business requirements. Our technical staff are well versed in a vast range of technologies and can support almost any vendor and configuration.

Hosted Networks

Let us provide you with a hosted network fully managed which also includes VPN connectivity 24/7 monitoring and alerting enabling you to maximize on your service availability.

Cloud Servers

KW Datacentre offers VMware based cloud servers and infrastructure to meet any budget and guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Internet Access

Internet connectivity start at 1 mbps and can be upgraded to 10 gbps. Redundant network gear is provided from our redundant ISP's using BGP right up to your rack.

Customer Quotes

This is by far the best service I have ever seen from a server hosting provider. Their virtual servers are no different than the dedicated server I moved from and they managed to import my dedicated server.. like magic! Thanks guys for the excellent service… Mark Rightson
I got my first VMware server from KW Datacentre and I have to say I was very impressed. I realize I was wasting money on my dedicated server as these virtuals seem to perform extremely well. Also I really didn't expect to have the server up and running in 3 minutes which was great… Bill Meyer
Our business requires specialized requirements which constantly changes, KW Datacentre constantly meets our requirements and always exceeds our expectations… Donna Matane